There have been many studies conducted to show the benefits of HGH for strength, exercise, and body fat.


We are often asked about the link between growth hormone deficiency, increased belly fat, lack of endurance, and decreased strength associated with muscle loss. This is a very real situation faced by an increasing number of adults each year.

HGH is not a diet, nor will it produce rapid results. The role of growth hormone in this scenario is in the way that it helps to regulate the metabolism to convert fats, carbohydrates, and proteins that are consumed into usable fuel for energy rather than stored fat. When the metabolism does not receive a proper signal, weight gain will ensue.

The way that strength is affected is by a process called cellular regeneration. HGH works in a direct and indirect way (through its IGF-1 connection) to stimulate the body’s production of new cells. These building blocks are required to maintain lean muscle mass. When this cycle is not functioning properly, cellular reproduction will decline, causing a gradual loss of lean muscle mass. This will, in turn, often reduce overall strength.


The actual benefits of HGH for body fat regulation and reduction occur over an extended period of time. Most people will not even notice much of a change until the third or fourth month of treatment. At that time, an overall toning of the body will start to take place as belly fat starts to be depleted. In other words, excess weight will slowly melt away.

On average, most adults who are overweight can expect to achieve a loss of about 10% of body fat during a six-month period of treatment with doctor prescribed HGH injections.

Part of the reason why people continue to have success with the loss of excess fat while administering HGH therapy is the improved energy that leads to increased exercise. There is a definite connection between HGH and weight loss, although that is by no means the main staple of this treatment. It is merely one anticipated extra benefit among a host of positive results.


As previously stated in the first section, the benefits of HGH for strength do not extend to younger individuals and athletes looking for physical enhancement in any way. The use of HGH is prohibited in sports and bodybuilding, and for good reasons. It will not produce the desired effects, and it is dangerous. Although lean muscle mass will increase to a certain extent, it is certainly not worth the risk and danger that its use can bring for these purposes.

Now, when we turn to men and women dealing with andropause and menopause, or growth hormone deficiency, there will more than likely be a marked improvement in overall strength that will correlate to the increase in lean muscle mass to counteract the decline that has probably already taken place.

Knowing how HGH can help a person is what can lead to beneficial changes and results for healthfulness, well-being, and increased vitality.

The doctors at HGH Therapy Clinic can run the required blood tests to determine who is a candidate for this treatment with HGH injections. Call us for a free consultation and to ask any questions.